Tile profiles

The product range includes a wide range of tile profiles,
shower boards and channels. The products for sealing, isolating and
draining complete our range.

Product series

Roll Forming Machines


At alferpro the production takes place on advanced, semi-automated machines.

At the heart of our production are four high-performance machines producing flat product profiles. Steel is mainly processed here, which requires special care and expertise. Generated at a speed of up to 20 m/min are a variety of products with different cross sections, punch patterns and lengths. Qualified employees operate and monitor the semi-automated machines, so that only the best and personally controlled quality leaves our factory.

About alferpro

The 16 product ranges include a large selection of tile profiles, shower boards and gutters. The products for sealing, decoupling and dewatering complete our offer.


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Quality on the production line.

In plastic production, profiles are extruded on three semi-automated machines at a speed of up to 10 m/min. The high-quality granules are liquefied and compressed and then are extruded with precision moulds into the required shape. A flying die cutter gives our alferpro hole pattern to the profiles, then they are checked, labelled and packaged by our employees before leaving the factory.